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Waste Reduction Resources
For Residents & Visitors in the Home Setting
The Basics - Getting Started in a Home Setting


Step 1: Print & place our handy “Zero Waste Checklist & Tips Jan 2019” near where you will be sorting your recyclables.
Examples: On the fridge or inside a cabinet door.
Step 2: Get your bins set up! You’ll need (3) bins.


Mixed Bin – plastics, paper, metal cans

Pro Tip: Print out labels and attach to bins for easy reference. Also see County site for latest recyclables:
Step 3: Start using your bins to sort your rinsed & prepared recyclables.
 Step 4: Take them to the appropriate locations.
  • HI5s ➜ Nearest HI5 Redemption Center
  • Mixed Recycling ➜ Nearest Solid Waste Transfer Station Mixed Recycling Dumpster
  • Mixed Glass ➜ Nearest Solid Waste Transfer Station Mixed Glass Dumpster
  • Still Good Stuff  ➜ Nearest Solid Waste Transfer Station Reuse Center (locations here)


Step 1: Download, print & use this handy Recycle Hawaii Backyard Composting
Step 2: Set up compost pile or composter
Step 3: Collect organic/food waste & yard trimmings to place in composter
Step 4: Explore more sources of information on composting: Backyard Composting Resources

Reduce and Reuse

Method 1: Reduce Single-Use Products
Method 2: Put together an Essential Zero-Waste Kit (EZ Kit) for each person in the household. An EZ Kit consists of these REUSABLE items:
  • Water Bottle
  • Shopping Bag
  • Utensils
  • Food Container
  • Metal Straw 
  • Cloth napkin
     Pro Tip: Put together an extra EZ Kit, making sure you always have one ready to go!
Method 3: Reduce Food Waste
  • Make a grocery list for specific recipes & meals
  • Serve smaller portions, there are always seconds
  • Bring a to-go container when eating out
  • Store food in clear containers for easy identification
  • Make sure your diet and composting methods match
Method 4: Reduce your travel foot print
  • Walk
  • Bike
  • Car Pool
  • Catch the Hele-On Bus
Method 5: Reduce your shopping foot print
  • Repair
  • Borrow/Share
  • Make it by upcycling
  • Reuse: Buy Second Hand/Donate  (locations here)
  • Buy Local/Sell Local
  • Buy durable goods/Sell durable goods
How to Help
Support a Special Recycle Hawaii Cause Today!

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