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Waste Reduction Resources
For Residents & Visitors in the Home Setting
The Basics - Getting Started in a Home Setting


Step 1: Print & place our handy “Zero Waste Checklist & Tips Jan 2019” near where you will be sorting your recyclables.
Examples: On the fridge or inside a cabinet door.
Step 2: Get your bins set up! You’ll need at least (4) bins for recycling.
You will find these bins at Hawai'i County Transfer Stations
Find these bins at Hawai’i County Transfer Stations


Pro Tip: Print out labels and attach to bins for easy reference. Also see County site for latest recyclables:
Step 3: Start using your bins to sort your rinsed & prepared recyclables.
 Step 4: Take them to the appropriate locations.
  • HI5s ➜ Nearest HI5 Redemption Center
  • Sorted Recycling ➜ Nearest Solid Waste Transfer Station Bins
  • Still Good Stuff  ➜ Nearest Solid Waste Transfer Station Reuse Center (locations here)


Step 1: Download, print & use this handy Recycle Hawaii Backyard Composting
Step 2: Set up compost pile or composter
Step 3: Collect organic/food waste & yard trimmings to place in composter
Step 4: Explore more sources of information on composting: Backyard Composting Resources

Reduce and Reuse

Method 1: Reduce Single-Use Products
Method 2: Put together an Essential Zero-Waste Kit (EZ Kit) for each person in the household. An EZ Kit consists of these REUSABLE items:
  • Water Bottle
  • Shopping Bag
  • Utensils
  • Food Container
  • Metal Straw 
  • Cloth napkin
     Pro Tip: Put together an extra EZ Kit, making sure you always have one ready to go!
Method 3: Reduce Food Waste
  • Make a grocery list for specific recipes & meals
  • Serve smaller portions, there are always seconds
  • Bring a to-go container when eating out
  • Store food in clear containers for easy identification
  • Make sure your diet and composting methods match
Method 4: Reduce your travel foot print
  • Walk
  • Bike
  • Car Pool
  • Catch the Hele-On Bus
Method 5: Reduce your shopping foot print
  • Repair
  • Borrow/Share
  • Make it by upcycling
  • Reuse: Buy Second Hand/Donate  (locations here)
  • Buy Local/Sell Local
  • Buy durable goods/Sell durable goods
How to Help
Support a Special Recycle Hawaii Cause Today!

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