A Vision From Waste to Wealth

This is a far reaching revitalization plan designed to turn Hilo in a model zero waste commercial center. It starts with Going Home Hawai’i providing housing and services to people in need. Then there must be programs to engage these folks and help lift them out of poverty. That is where the Waste-to-Wealth programs come in.

Imagine downtown Hilo as a model sustainable community. Recycle Hawai’i has done the work of auditing waste at downtown businesses, program funds support jobs collecting and sorting materials. Businesses, such as Soul Crafters, upcycle and repurpose materials. New products are invented and skills are shared among the community. Composters and refurbishers flourish, whole foods are celebrated. Tourists make Hilo an eco-destination on their Hawai’i vacation.

Zero waste is the theme that binds and enriches the community. People are drawn to come and visit, to shop there, to eat there because it’s so inspiring.

This dream begins with major investments in housing in downtown Hilo.

What can you do?

Support Senator Acasio’s Initiative


Project funds will be used to purchase land and make improvements in the Hilo Area as a means to revitalize this critical commercial center. Hawaiian cultural values guide the project development as it provides a comprehensive revitalization package composed of four main elements.

1) the elimination of blight
2) the development of permanent supportive housing
3) job creation through waste-to-wealth initiatives
4) the establishment of facilities that support a variety of authentic cultural activities.

The program ID is HMS229

Who needs to know?

Governor Ige. Mayor Roth. Councilmember Chung.
Elected and appointed officials for Hilo, District 1, and the County of Hawai’i. The media. Everyone.

What do I say?

Be honest. This vision is already important to you – explain why. Voice your support succinctly or in long form, but please say something.

Done. What else?

Send a copy of your testimonial to advocate@recyclehawaii.org

We’ll add your voice to ours