Mychael Moe

Mychael Moe
Friend of Recycle Hawaii
Mychael Moe was on the Recycle Hawaii Board of Director’s until October 2017 through September 2018, and remains a Friend of Recycle Hawaii.  He was born in Colorado and moved to Hilo in 2003 to study Marine Science at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. He worked in Kona at Big Island Abalone for 5 years and Hawaiian Shellfish in Hawaiian Paradise Park (HPP) for a year. In 2012, he change his life to become a teacher, choosing Special Education because he felt those were the students who truly could use the extra help he wanted to give – and he loves it!
Having been raised in a very “green” conscious town of Boulder, Colorado, his family has always recycled and so from a young age he was taught about conservation and protecting our environment.  Now as a teacher at Pahala Elementary, not only does he teach his students about reduce, reuse, and recycle; his class started and runs the campus wide recycling program.  His class builds the baskets, designed our logo, collect twice a week, sort, and then Mychael redeems once a month. The money goes back into the program for class supplies, parties, field trips, and student incentives. The students learn and the program continues to support itself year after year.


Current Affiliation(s):

Special Education
Pahala Elementary Kau

Past Affiliation(s):

Big Island Abalone and Hawaiian Shellfish


B.S. in Marine Studies
University of Hilo