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"Malama I Ka 'Aina" Video

Malama i Ka`Aina
Caring For The Land

A film produced by Recycle Hawai`i

Written by Howard Shapiro

Ancient Hawaiians were a people of and for the land, the 'aina. They wasted nothing, using the abundance the 'aina provided in intelligent and creative ways without depleting precious natural resources. In modern times, uncontrolled consumerism threatens to end the pristine nature of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. This film explores consequences created by the transition from ancient cultural norms to a modern consumer society, and offers possible solutions to an all too common problem.

Please enjoy the film!

Malama i Ka 'Aina: Caring for the land from isabelle bondi on Vimeo.

Malama i Ka 'Aina
Caring for the Land
One Island's Struggle With Illegal Dumping

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