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Zero Waste

Zero Waste

Did you know that 70% of what is currently generated as solid waste continues to be landfilled? It is this material that will provide resources, revenue, and green jobs required to ensure the island's sustainability. By adopting the goals of Zero Waste, our island can greatly reduce the waste we produce while increasing revenue by creating jobs to manage our overlooked resources.

What is "Zero Waste?"

What is Zero Waste? Zero Waste is a philosophy and lifestyle that aims to reduce, reuse, or recycle all waste, thereby eliminating rubbish. Although it sounds difficult, it is not.There are many states, companies, cities, counties, and countries that are already practicing the goal of Zero Waste.

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Hawai`i Zero Waste Goal

In 2007, the Hawai`i County Council passed legislation to adopt the goals of Zero Waste. Richard Anthony Associates, with the help of Recycle Hawai`i, drafted a Zero Waste Implementation Plan to send to the County of Hawai`i.

To read this plan, simply click here.

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